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RESOLZ POWER is engaged in manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Charging Products like Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters for all kinds of batteries like lead-acid (flooded, gel, AGM) and Lithium batteries (Iron and Manganese). These products are being used for Electric Cycle, Electric Bikes, Electric Tricycles, Electric Golf Carts and Electric Cars. The founding team of this company is specialized in this field since 5 years and aims to supply these products to all major OEM’s in India. In RESOLZ POWER, we aim to provide “Energy products” and “Energy services” to the society in an innovative way to help people to fulfil their Energy needs. We aim to have an honest and profitable business growth as well as aim to provide a fair amount of return on investment to investors and to provide continued employment to its people with better working and living standards. We work closely with OEMs and all our dealers. The suggestions and ideas provided by them are taken seriously and every required feature is incorporated into the manufacturing process so as to deliver them a highly customized range. Here, our concern to serve clients in all possible manners has also helped in enhancing their productivity levels as well as our own capability & knowledge base. We can customize power electronics based products for our customers Products: EV Charging Station Capacity: LV (Up to 144V Battery bank), Up to 20kW On-Board EV Charger Capacity (1): 3.6 KW (250VDC-450VDC) Capacity (1): 200W, 360W, 750W, 1500 W, 2.2KW, 3.3KW (24-72) V Battery Telecom Power Supply Upto-2.2KW (48V) Telecom DC-DC Converter Up to 1KW Capacity with Convection Cooling Telecom Solar Charger Up to 2KW (48V Battery) (DIN and Stackable Form as per requirement) Medical Grade Power Supply Up to: 720W Capacity EV Solar Charger (E-Rickshaw Application) Up to: 450W of Capacity 24*7 Solar Powered Public Charging Stations (For E-Consol) Up to: 250W of Capacity Universal All in One AC PD & QC4+ Charger (Laptop, Mobile, Power Bank, Digital Camera, etc) Up to: 100W of Capacity BLDC Motor Controller (DC Fan-Application) Up to: 48W Advance Active Electronic Learning Module (For Professional, Hobbies, P.hD, M.Tech, B.Tech Students)

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Sustainable transport and energy solutions with environment friendly dimensions and hence in the long run serve as a benchmark for all other sectors in achieving ‘Carbon neutrality’. Achieve sustainable mobility solutions through innovative ideas. To empower energy & mobility solutions through battery charging technology by research and development. To accelerate the growth of Electric vehicle technology and renewable energy resources .

  • Roof-Top Solar for 3-Wheeler EV
  • Special panel
  • MPPT charger
  • More mileage
  • More battery life
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  • Charger for Lead-Acid Battery
  • 6 Stage Charging
  • Built-in Power factor correction
  • Low cost and high reliability
  • Output voltage and current programmable
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  • Charger for Lithium Battery
  • CCCV Charging
  • SMPS based Battery Charger
  • Protections: Short Circuit / Over load / Over Voltage / Over Temperature
  • 100% Full Load Burn in test
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Customized Battery Charger Design

Electronics design transfer to volume manufacturing

Customized Power Supply Design

Switch Mode Power Supply

Customized DC-DC Converter Design

Electronics Hardware development for DC-DC Converter

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P-58/6 Benaras Road, Belgachia,
Howrah - 711105, West Bengal

7003408196 / 9836826994

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Tagore Centre for Green Technology Business Incubation (TCGTBI), Slator Hall, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah - 711103, West Bengal